Album Art For MP3

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  • Latest Version: 2.0m
  • Build date: 23 Nov 2008
  • Copyright © 2008 - Angus Johnson
  • Operating Systems: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • Download: aa4mp3_setup.exe (700 KB)


While many MP3 players and network audio players (eg Logitech's Squeezebox and the Sonos Digital Music System) have the ability to display CD cover art while playing music tracks - finding, downloading and saving CD cover images in appropriate dimensions can be quite a chore. Some MP3 players come with software to simplify this process, but mostly users have to manually copy images into music libraries where they can be detected and displayed by the player software.

"Album Art For MP3" (aa4mp3) is a no-nags no-ads freeware utility designed to make the process of finding, downloading, resizing and saving CD cover images as painless as possible.

How To Use Basics:

1. Once installed you'll be prompted to set your preferences (File | Preferences menu) for the location of your music library, the preferred image size, and default filename and filetype for your stored images. You'll only need to do this once (unless you wish to change your preferences.)

2. Use the folder treeview to navigate to the folder where you wish to add or update an image.

3. Find images using any of the following methods ...
  • enter search keywords into the "Search" field, choose the search engine (,, and click the "Search" button.
  • search for a specific image file or a folder from your local file system.
  • drag and drop or copy and paste an image into aa4mp3.

4. Images will automatically be resized to the dimensions specified in your preferences.

5. Select the image you wish to save and right click and choose "Save As" from the popup menu.

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