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Image32 - A 2D graphics library for Delphi sourceforge download
Image32 is a 2D graphics library written in Delphi Pascal. It provides an extensive range of image manipulation functions and includes a polygon renderer that supports a wide range of brush options for line and polygon drawing.
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Last updated: 29 March 2021

Clipper - Version 6.4 sourceforge download
The Clipper library performs clipping and offsetting for both lines and polygons. All four boolean clipping operations are supported - intersection, union, difference and exclusive-or. Polygons can be of any shape including self-intersecting polygons.

Delphi Versions: D7 - D10.1
C++ versions: tested with C++Builder2009 & MS VisualC++ 2010
C# versions: tested with MS VisualC# 2015

Freeware for both open source and commercial applications.
Package contains Delphi, C++, C# and Python source code, demos & help file.
The library also includes links to third party modules for Perl and Ruby.
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Last updated: 2 July 2015

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