function CreateSizingBtnsGroup(targetLayer: TLayer32; style: TSizingStyle; buttonColor: TColor32; buttonSize: integer; buttonOptions: TButtonOptions; buttonLayerClass: TButtonDesignerLayer32Class = nil): integer;

Creates a group of button design layers based on the function parameters. These button will be topmost of current layers, so once these buttons have been created, the last button in the group will be targetLayer.owner.TopLayer.

The returned integer value is the new group's GroupId, otherwise 0 when there was an error creating the group.

From Examples/Layers

procedure TForm1.AddButtons(layer: TLayer32);
  activeLayer := layer;
  CreateSizingBtnsGroup(layer, ssEdgesAndCorners, clBlue32, DpiAware(8), []);
  activeLayer.CursorId := crSizeAll;

See Also

TButtonOptions, TSizingStyle